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West Japan Industry
and Trade Convention
Kitakyushu Film
3-8-1 Asano,
Kokurakita, Kitakyushu
802-0001 JAPAN

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about KFC

SINCE 1989

The City of Kitakyushu is located in the northeastern part of Kyushu in Japan and has a population of 1 million. The city is blessed with an abundance of nature and a long coastline. The City of Kitakyushu has long prospered as a castle town, an international trading port, and an industrial city. Many historic spots and traditional Japanese streets still remain. In Mojiko Retro District historic buildings stand side by side, and together with a view of the Kanmon Strait create a nostalgic, romantic atmosphere. Downtown Kitakyushu is bustling with modern buildings and a shopping area with a long tradition that sells many items, such as fresh seafood. In addition, an advanced network of highways makes it possible to move from the city center to the expanse of nature within 30 minutes by car.

Kitakyushu Film Commission (Kitakyushu FC), established in 1989, was the first film commission in Japan and is dedicated to helping make the process of filming run smoothly.

Kitakyushu FC offers the following services:

  • Consultation concerning all aspects of filming
  • Research and introduction of film locations
  • Guided tours of the city for location hunting and scenario scouting
  • Assistance with receiving permission to use public facilities, public roads, etc.
  • Recommendation of lodging, rental car companies, restaurants, etc.
  • Recruiting extras
  • Notifying area in advance of filming.
  • Full assistance while filming, including arranging locations and safety precautions

Please contact Kitakyushu Film Commission for assistance. We are here to help you with your filming needs, from the planning stage to scouting locations.

Kitakyushu FC is a member of the following networks.

AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International)
AFCI was established in 1975. Its activities include professional development programs through Cineposium and the Locations Trade Show, a tradeshow for filmmakers. There are 307 member film commissions in 41 countries around the world. Kitakyushu FC became a member in 2002.
AFCNet (Asia Film Commissions Network)
AFCNet was established in 2004. It is building a film commission network in Asia that allows a variety of information from different countries to be shared, and through its activities is creating an environment conducive to filming movies and video in Asia. AFCNet promotes movies and video production in each region and as a unifying body for all movies and video in Asia, aims to contribute to the advancement of film culture. Kitakyushu FC became a member in 2006.
Japan Film Commission Promotion Council (JFCPC)
JFCPC was established in 2001. It supports the activities of film commissions in individual regions in Japan and was established with the aim of contributing to the development of film culture. JFCPC members include film commissions, municipalities, film production associations, tourist promotion associations, and individual members. Not only does it serve as a liaison organization where members exchange information, but it also carries out a variety of activities such as solving difficult issues that cannot be overcome by a single film commission. Kitakyushu FC has been a member since its inception.
FCNet Kyushu-Yamaguchi
FCNet Kyushu-Yamaguchi was established in 2005. Film commissions in both the Kyushu and Yamaguchi regions are members. FCNet Kyushu-Yamaguchi shares information regarding issues and promotions in the industry and the region, and is working to further promote FC business by building an organized, broad support system based on close, mutual cooperation. Kitakyushu FC has been a member since its inception.

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